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The benefits of genuine double glazing

Australian home and business owners wanting the numerous benefits of double glazed windows usually have two main choices: genuine double glazing that offers enhanced performance and secondary double glazed windows. Which then offers the best choice? Secondary glazing has a lot of appeal to many Australians thanks to it being the cheaper option. However, do you sacrifice quality and performance for price?

With genuine double glazing from TwinGlaze, we assure you that this is a better option. Our products are found to offer superior quality and, with the highest attention paid to performance, can be cheaper than most secondary glazing products.Why sacrifice on performance when you can get well-designed thermally-insulated windows at a great price?

Superior quality at a competitive price

Our genuine double glazing window difference lies in the performance-enhancing argon gas used to fill the gap between the two glass panes. Argon gas is reputed to offera 34% reduction in thermal conductivity when compared to the use of air (as used in secondary glazed windows). TwinGlaze offers value-added services that cover custom-designed and tailor-made double glazing window solutions that are suitable for existing frames and to individual specifications.

Performance designed to meet unique needs

We design our distinctive thermally-insulated windows to meet the challenges of individual locations. Whether you require toughened exterior glass, sound-reducing benefits or the best product to counteract the heat from a northerly sun, TwinGlaze offers you genuine double glazed windows that perform to individual requirements.

Benefits of genuine double glazed windows

The best way for homeowners to choose between genuine double glazing and secondary glazing is to take a look at the benefits of the former. Here is a quick sum up:

  • Stronger exterior glass pane provides more effective insulation
  • Improved outside glass pane, toughened glass is an option for enhanced security
  • Low maintenance
  • Argon gas-filled gaps offers high thermal insulation benefits

TwinGlaze offers home and business customers in Melbourne , Canberra and Sydney innovative product – retrofit double glazed windows that conform to existing window frames that are in a suitable condition. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can enhance your home and lifestyle.

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