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Why Use Retrofit Double Glazing In Sydney?

Double Glazing Windows

How Retrofit Double Glazing Can Slash Your Cost Of Double Glazing in Sydney

If you would like to benefit from double glazing in your Sydney home but would like to do so at a low price, there is one cost-saving question you can answer, “what condition are my existing window frames in?”

We ask this because if your existing window frames are in good condition we can save you money on new frames by fitting a true double glazing unit to them. Why pay extra for new window frames when the existing frames are still fine?

There are many benefits to double glazing the windows and doors in your Sydney home, which include thermal and acoustic insulation. Double glazing can help keep your home:

* Warmer in Winter

* Cooler in Summer

* Quieter all year round,

* as well as Reducing your energy bills

* Reducing condensation

* Improving home security, and

* The list of benefits go on.

Retrofit double glazing by TwinGlaze, and you’ll get all of the benefits of genuine double glazing, at a pleasantly surprising price. Arrange a free quote.

Retrofit Double Glazing Preserves The Look Of Your Sydney Home

Sydney is full of older homes with characteristics unique to the city. Fitting these homes with modern window frames may take away from the heritage design that makes these houses distinctive. By retrofitting your home with double glazed windows and doors you can save the traditional frames that you love and gain all the benefits of double glazing. Your home will be more comfortable to live in without changing the look and feel of your house.  


Retrofit Double Glazing Uses Genuine Double Glazing- IGU’s

Twinglaze uses genuine Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) when retrofitting double glazed windows and doors. Genuine IGU’s have thermal and acoustic insulation properties that are superior because of these factors:

* The correct choice of thickness of the two window panes

* The choice of glass types for the two glass sheets

* The vacuum gap in between the inner and outer panes

* A specific depth between the two panes tailored to your conditions

* Improved thermal insulation by adding argon gas to the vacuum gap

* These features are necessary to genuine double glazed units.

Double Glazing Sydney


Twinglaze is real, genuine double glazing retrofitted to your existing frames.

But What About ‘Secondary Glazing’?

Secondary glazing involves fitting a second (usually Perspex) sheet to the inside of a window pane already existing in your home. The second sheet is usually attached to the glass with magnetic strips. Secondary glazing does not compare to the superior qualities of double glazing because of the following factors:

Secondary glazing uses the existing window pane even if it is unsuitable for the conditions Double glazing an existing window that is thin and does not insulate thermally or acoustically does not make sense The gap between the panes can not be tailored to achieve the best performance as secondary glazing is limited by the frame Secondary glazing cannot provide a vacuum gap between the panes Secondary glazing uses air (a poor insulator) between the panes, whilst genuine double glazing uses argon gas (a superior insulator)

Secondary glazing is an upgrade to an existing window, however it cannot compete against the performance of genuine double glazing. Twinglaze offers superior quality at a remarkably affordable price.


It’s Really Easy To Install Twinglaze Retrofit Double Glazing!


Installation of Twinglaze Retrofit Double Glazing is extremely easy so why not enjoy all the benefits? If you have any questions, or you’d like a quote for your Sydney home call us on 1300 766 743 (Click to Call)

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