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Prevent Condensation By Using TwinGlaze


Condensation – What is it?

Condensation occurs where moist air encounters air or a surface, which is at a lower temperature.

Air contains water vapor in varying quantities, its capacity to do so is related to its temperature - warm air holds more moisture than cold air. When moist air encounters either colder air or a colder surface, the air is unable to retain the same amount of moisture and the water is released to form condensation in the air or on the surface.

Condensation is most commonly found on windows, mirrors, drink glasses etc.…

According to Wikipedia – Condensation Is?

According to Wikipedia, “Condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from gas phase into liquid phase, and is the reverse of evaporation.”

When moist air encounters a colder surface, condensation is formed.

The Main Causes of Condensation?

Elevated levels of indoor moisture are caused by a variety of factors, including but not limited to

  • Evaporation from cooking

  • Steam from showering

  • Running your dishwasher

  • Clothes dryers that are not vented to the outside

  • Air drying clothes inside

  • Fish tanks

  • Plants

  • Even breathing. Yes. breathing- you, your family, even your pets!


Damage Caused by Condensation?

By Condensation forming on your windows, and running down the walls, it could cause the following issues

  • Introduce rotting into your walls, floors, architraves or window frames

  • Encourage mildew or mold to form, which can pose a serious health concern, as well as damage to your home

  • Promote that horrible musty smell, quite often noticeable in homes with major condensation issues

  • Discolor or damage your curtains, wallpaper and blister your painted surfaces


Using Double Glazing Will Help Reduce the Formation of Condensation

Because our IGU (Insulated Glass Units) are made up of 2 panes of glass, the inside glass can maintain a much higher temperature than a normal single pane of glass would.

Therefore, making it much more difficult for Condensation to form on your windows.



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