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New Release Genuine Retrofit Double Glazing Beats Secondary Glazing Performance

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – October 1, 2015 /PressCable/

Genuine double glazing is defined by the all-important gap between the two glass panes. It’s either a vacuum, or, most commonly, gas-filled with a noble gas such as argon. If it doesn’t have either of those, it’s not genuine double glazing.

Secondary glazing is the addition of a second sheet of glass or acrylic to an existing window with just an air gap in between. That Is, without the performance-enhancing argon gas gap, The difference is important, as argon gas has 34% lower thermal conductivity than air,

There are two main reasons why some homeowners choose secondary glazing over genuine double glazing.

The first reason is one of cost. Some customers choose secondary glazing because it has traditionally been cheaper than genuine double glazing, mainly because the old window frames are retained.

The second reason is that many homeowners have perfectly good existing frames, and don’t see the need to replace them.

Now there’s a third way. It’s TwinGlaze retrofit genuine double glazing. TwinGlaze provides custom-designed, custom-made true double glazing units to fit into existing frames. There’s no longer any need to compromise performance. Surprisingly, TwinGlaze units can be as cheap, or cheaper than secondary glazing.

“Many people have just assumed that secondary glazing is cheaper than genuine double glazing.” says Shane Dunbar, Director of TwinGlaze, “Now, they don’t have to choose second best.”

Of course, when a genuine double glazing window is designed, it meets the needs of the individual location. It may use toughened exterior glass, it may be designed to reduce noise, deal with hot northerly sun, or freezing southerly aspects. The window is truly designed to give the best performance possible in that location. Of course, that can’t happen with secondary glazing. People are stuck with the existing (usually thin) outside pane, and can never get the thermal performance of the argon-filled gap that is central to a true double glazed window.

Now, homeowners have two genuine double glazing choices. If the job is a new home, an extension, or is an existing home where the existing frames should be replaced, then traditional double glazing and frames is the way to go.

Where the existing window frames are fine to use, then the new TwinGlaze genuine double glazing units can be retrofitted- a a price that’s more than competitive.

Homeowners wanting all the many benefits of genuine double glazing, at the price of secondary glazing, can now have TwinGlaze retrofitted to their existing window frames. TwinGlaze professional installation is now available in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

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