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Retrofit Double Glazing Windows for Melbourne


How much can Retrofit Double Glazing save you?

Retrofit Double Glazing can cut a Melbourne home’s energy usage by a considerable margin. As long as your window frames are in good condition, our windows can be fitted quickly and seamlessly, every time.

Double glazing windows offer your Melbourne home respite from both the chilly winters, and the heat of the summer. By reducing the amount of heat transferred through the glass, you will preserve the cool you desire in the summer months, and the warmth you need in the winter.

Preserving the look of your home

One of Melbourne’s most striking elements is its Victorian architecture. If you live in one of these homes, you likely aren’t looking to heavily alter the aesthetic. In contrast to installing brand new windows, TwinGlaze can fit our windows to your existing frames, provided they are in good condition, maintaining your home’s beauty while saving you money.

The Genuine Article

Our Insulated Glass Units, or IGU’s, provide superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties, due to:

The correct thickness of the glass

The types of glass chosen for each pane

The vacuum gap

The depth of the gap, which is specified for your conditions and needs

The addition of argon gas to the vacuum to improve thermal insulation

TwinGlaze provides only real, genuine double glazing, retrofitted to your existing frames.



But What About ‘Secondary Glazing’?

So-called ‘secondary glazing’ is not the genuine article. This process fits a second sheet to a window, typically Perspex, held in place with magnetic strips. Some of its disadvantages include:

  • It does not replace an unsuitable existing window pane
  • It retains the existing thin glass, a poor insulator of both heat and sound
  • It is limited by the frame, and does not provide the correct gap between panes
  • The vital vacuum gap is missed. It is filled with air, instead of argon gas

Easy to Install

TwinGlaze retrofit double glazing windows are easily fitted to your Melbourne home, and provide all the cost-saving insulation and noise-cancelling benefits that you need.

If you’re sold on the benefits of double glazing your Melbourne home, if you have any questions, or you’d like a quote, give us a call on

1300 766 743 (Click to Call).

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The state capital of Victoria, Melbourne was founded in the 1830s. Crowded around the banks of the Yarra River, the city has grown in to the second-largest city in Australia, home to nearly four million residents.

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