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Forget the myths about double glazing

Now that we are in spring, temperatures will be heating up as we get closer to summer. How do you manage sizzling temperatures? Do you, like most, put your climate control system on overtime duty and see energy costs burn a searing hole in your pocket at the end of the month? TwinGlaze offers a much cooler option – double glazed windows. Yes, that right. Double glazing windows and doors is not just to keep out the cold during winter, but is effective in keeping out stifling heat in hotter temperatures.

Let’s look at the facts:

Insulated barriers

The secret to double glazed windows offering advanced thermal insulation is in the space or gap between the two glass panes. This gap, in simple terms,provides an insulated barrier between the interiors of a home and hot temperatures on the outside.

Low u-Value windows

U-values is a form of measurement that looks at a window’s capability to conduct heat. The lower the value the window offers the less able it is to transfer heat from the outside in. While a standard window offers a u-Value of 5.88 double glazed windows measure a low 2.53.

Double glazing windows offers another highly sought after benefit: enhanced security. Now you can keep the heat and criminal elements out of your home. Genuine double glazing that features argon gas filled gaps offer a more robust exterior glass pane.

Ducted air conditioning systems, more often than not, offer poor home insulation at a heavy price. With an innovative product range of thermally-efficient windows and doors available from TwinGlaze you can drastically reduce your reliance on air conditioning systems to keep your home cool this summer. What is more is that our products are a lot kinder on the environment too.Keep temperatures under control with our double glazed windows. We serve customers in Melbourne , Canberra , Hobart and Adelaide.

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