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Enhance Your Home Security


Burglars have many different techniques when it comes to breaking into your home, however windows and doors are always a weak point in your homes design.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a break in you know how vulnerable and unsafe this makes you feel.

Double Glazing because of its multiple layered design will help re-enforce your windows and doors, therefore making it much more difficult for anyone to break in through these entry points.

Our IGU (Insulated Glass Units) are normally fitted from the inside into your existing frame, the putty or beading is then replaced, so there is nothing on the outside of the frame for the burglar to remove.

The use of Double Glazing also makes it much harder for the glass to be smashed as a way to gain entry into your home, as they have to break through 2 layers of glass, this in turn takes more time and effort, and most burglars can’t afford this luxury or they’ll get caught red handed.

Choosing secondary glazing as the cheaper option, will mean you miss out on all the extra benefits of the additional home security that Genuine Double Glazing provides.



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