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Need Genuine Double Glazing In Albury / Wodonga?

Retrofit Double Glazing Canberra

Retrofit double glazing can help your home stay warmer in Winter, cooler in Summer, and quieter all year round.


How Retrofit Double Glazing Slashes Your Cost Of Double Glazing Your Albury / Wodonga Home


If the benefits of double glazing sound good to you but you are concerned about the price there is one question that may save you a lot of money and that is:

"Are my existing window frames still in good condition?"

If the answer to that question is "yes" then you will be happy to hear that Twinglaze can save you the cost of buying new frames by fitting our true double glazing unit to your homes existing frames. So why pay for new window frames when your existing ones are still good?

With Australia's ever changing climate investing in double glazed windows and doors is extremely beneficial for many reasons:

* Double glazing keeps the heat inside, in Winter

* And helps the home cool down in Summer

* Double glazing reduces condensation

* And reduces the noise from outside

* The value of your home will be increased

* And there are many other reasons…     

All of these benefits can be added to your home with Twinglaze retrofitted double glazed windows and doors, all for a reasonable price.

Retrofit Double Glazing Preserves The Look Of Your Home

There is no question that keeping your existing window frames can save you money, but it also helps save the exterior appearance of your home by not having to replace them with modern window frames. By retrofitting double glazed units to your existing frames you can upgrade the comfort of your home but maintain the style and design that you love. 


Retrofit Double Glazing Uses Genuine Double Glazing- IGU’s


The genuine Insulated Glass Units (IGU's) used by Twinglaze to retrofit double glaze windows and doors has superior heat and sound insulation properties because of the following factors:

* The choice of thickness of the two glass sheets is correct

* The chosen types of glass for the inside and outside panes

* The vacuum gap between the two sheets

* The gap’s depth is tailored for your needs and to the conditions

* The use of argon gas that has superior insulation properties in the vacuum


These factors are essential to the quality of real double glazing units.


Why Not Enjoy ALL The Benefits Of Double Glazing, With GENUINE Retrofit Double Glazing?

Installing Twinglaze Retrofit Double Glazing is really easy so if you'd like to experience all the benefits of double glazing, or if you'd like more information or you want a quote give us a call on 1300 766 743 (Click to Call)

Our Accredited Twinglaze Agents in Albury / Wodonga

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Twin Cities Glass, formally Grace Glass Albury, has been trading for many years, servicing primarily Albury and Wodonga.

The business changed hands in August 2017, with new owners, Chris and Melissa Booth taking an already strong business, working hard to make it stronger.

Our extended footprint now covers Southern NSW all the way to Wagga, and North East Victoria, incorporating Shepparton, Mansfield and the High Country.

Our extensive business knowledge has seen us incorporate Window Tinting, and more recently, TwinGlaze, into our well established stable of operations.

From 35 years as a one man show, we now employ 4 staff, and will only grow as time goes by.

Our success comes from a true desire to get things right first time, every time, and our dedication to the industry.

Glass and Glazing, Window Tinting and the all new TwinGlaze system, all in the one spot, servicing approx. 200km radius from Albury.

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