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Designing Your Double Glazing For Temperature Control

Double Glazing Temperature Conrol

The orientation of your windows in relation to the sun, significantly influences the choice of glazing to be recommended for achieving the greatest thermal comfort in your home. For instance;


Keeping The Heat Outside In Summer

A north-facing window in winter is generally exposed to greater solar radiation area than in summer. Hence a high SHGC glass would be recommended in order to maximize the amount of heat absorbed in the colder season. During summer window furnishing and external shades can be applied if needed. So in this instance we would specify the standard clear double-glazing glass.


Keeping The Heat Inside In Winter

In instances where further energy efficiency is sought, low-e glass can be specified for the inner glass pane, which will still allow daylight to go in, but reduces the amount of long infrared heat escaping through the glass.


Designing For East & West Facing Windows

West and east facing windows on the other hand have high sun radiation heat exposure. Here we generally recommend low SHGC and definitely external shading is recommended particularly for the West facing. For larger windows and rooms tinting can be specified on the outer glass panel in different shade levels to further block the sun.


So What About South Facing Windows?

South-facing windows can have any SHGC because there is little solar heat gain from that direction in winter or summer.

It is always the case that the lower the U-value the better, because it is the U-value that measures the ability to retain heat in winter and cold in summer, regardless of orientation.

For all orientations a low U-value outperforms a high U-value, especially for north-facing windows.


We Design Double Glazing To Suit YOUR Needs, YOUR Home

Our professional design makes double-glazing the optimum solution for significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level. Not to mention slashing your energy bills!

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