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Why Use Retrofit Double Glazing In Adelaide?

Retrofit Double Glazing Adelaide

Retrofit Double Glazing Can Save You A Lot Of Money

When you’re deciding on the benefits of double glazing your home in Adelaide. the first question to ask is “are my window frames in good condition?”

If the answer is “Yes”, then congratulations, you can save a lot of money. With retrofit replacement windows and doors, we fit a true double glazing unit to your existing frames. So, why pay extra for new frames you don’t need?


Retrofit Double Glazing Preserves The Look Of Your Adelaide Home

Adelaide is blessed with a lot of distinctive older homes. Sometimes, fitting modern window frames to a traditional or heritage design can detract from the very look you love. When you use our retrofit double glazing units, the look and feel- what real estate agents call kerb appeal- is preserved.


Retrofit Double Glazing Is REAL Double Glazing

The superior thermal and acoustic performance of genuine double glazing comes from a number of factors;

  • the design thickness of the two glass sheets
  • the type of glass used - eg. low e
  • the vacuum gap between them
  • the addition of argon gas to the vacuum

Only genuine double glazing units (sometimes called Integrated Glass Units- IGU’s) have these essential features.

Twinglaze is real, genuine double glazing for your Adelaide home.

So What About ‘Secondary Glazing’?

Secondary glazing fits a second sheet, usually perspex, to the inside of an existing window, typically held in place by magnets. We can have a long discussion on the subject, but in essence…

  • secondary glazing does not replace an unsuitable existing window pane
  • thin existing glass is a poor insulator of heat and sound
  • being limited by the frame, secondary glazing does not provide the exact gap needed for best performance
  • secondary glazing provides no vacuum gap between the two sheets
  • with secondary glazing, the gap between the sheets is filled with air- a poor insulator
  • with genuine double glazing, the gap is usually filled with argon gas- a superior insulator

Secondary glazing is an improvement on an existing window, but it just can’t perform like real double glazing.

Twinglaze Double Glazing Is So Easy To Install!

Enjoy ALL The Benefits Of Double Glazing, With GENUINE Retrofit Double Glazing

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