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Achieve Soundproofing by using Double Glazing


Our lives today are hectic enough, we all want to sit back and enjoy life, but that is difficult when our senses are bombarded by constant noise.

We can to a certain degree control noise from inside our home, but what about that noisy dog from next door, or the constant traffic noise.

Noise pollution is a major cause for concern in our ever-changing world. Finding ways to curb these noise issues is a constant battle.

Top 10 most annoying noises in your neighborhood.


Obviously, there are many more factors that cause annoying noises around us that we would quite frankly love to live without.

Windows and doors are one of the greatest conductors of heat loss or heat gain into our homes. Because glazing is a major part of home construction, this of course poses a huge problem when talking about external noise.

Double Glazing can certainly help to reduce, suppress and insulate against these outside noises. As the combination of the two panes of glass, and gap between them, can provide a dramatic drop in outside noise, as much as 70%.

Because each home is different, we have many different options available to assist you in reducing noise even further, from using laminated glass to increasing the gap between our Double-Glazing layers, anything is possible.

using double-glazed windows will generally make the biggest difference.

However, you should also check for the following - poorly insulated walls, ceilings and floors, gaps around windows and doors, just to name a few. 


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