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Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Albury Wodonga, Adelaide
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Replace your existing
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•  Smart and Affordable Double Glazing
•  No Need to Replace your Windows !... Just the Glass !
•  SAVE by using your existing Aluminium or Timber Frames
•  Affordable Double Glazing
•  Keep your Existing Window Frames
•  SAVE more with TwinGlaze
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Reduce your Energy Bills
SAVE on Heating & Cooling !

Reduce heat loss and gain

Enjoy Peace and quiet
10 Year

Quality for your peace of mind
Looking for an affordable solution to your noise and temperature issues in your home?
Twinglaze is the answer!
We maintain the overall look and feel of your home by utilising your existing frames.
This makes TwinGlaze retro-fit double glazing easy to install and much more cost effective.
Utility bills will keep on rising, therefore finding a way to decrease your energy bills is the way to go.

TwinGlaze realised there was no option for homeowners looking for a genuine retro-fit double glazing solution that avoided the expense of having to replace their window frames as well.

We can overcome many issues such as temperature and noise control by retro-fitting energy efficient Twinglaze double glazing into your home.
Make Your Home Less Noisy and a Lot More Comfortable
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Our Customer Reviews
Below is some voluntary feedback from our valued clients. It is with approved authority and great pleasure we are able to share these experiences. A proof of our company’s motto “a customised approach from the beginning will always reap customer satisfaction at the end”.
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"TwinGlaze is a model of what good service should be, from the initial visit from Anita and prompt quotation to the final fit out today by Matt and his team. Quality and price of the product exceeded expectations and Matt and his team displayed professionalism and a thorough understanding of the job leaving the site spotless. We are very happy with end result and would highly recommend TwinGlaze to anyone contemplating retrofitting double glazing to their home."

Elizabeth Donohue  VIC  
Google 5 STAR Reviews

 "We emailed a few companies of which most ignored our inquiry. Anita was quick and professional to respond with a very reasonable quote. Matt and his team were also top notch. Friendly, efficient, on time, all round 10/10. You can't go wrong with TwinGlaze. Thanks team!"

Jake R  NSW
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"Like others who have left a review, Anita was extremely efficient in responding to my first approach (contrary to other companies who didn't bother responding). After much research I decided that TwinGlaze had "real" double glazing, rather than magnetic stick-ons or non-glass options. TwinGlaze's price was also very fair and cheaper than the pretenders. We had difficult second-storey access for installation, and Matt and Duncan did a fantastic job. We had the job done to minimise sound from the street, and we are highly delighted with the outcome. I can't recommend TwinGlaze highly enough"

David Wilson  VIC
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"Being northern Europeans we wanted our house properly insulated against the winter cold. What really impressed me about this company was the care taken to make sure that the intended outcome was reached. This house of freezing night time draughts is now far more comfortable. Until this week we needed the heater on to work in the study, but now I am sending this message in perfect comfort on a chilly day. We will be having them back to do the rest next year"

Graham Williams  VIC
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"I live on the 12th floor facing south, east & west, in an large open plan apartment. There is a lot of glass, a source of heat loss. When it was windy, you could hear the wind howl. Since the double glazing, my apartment is much more insulated & you can't hear the wind. Visitors have commented on how insulated the place feels. The service from Twinglaze couldn't have been better. I had faith in Daryl from our first meeting. The under carpet heating has been turned off and once the temperature warms up, it stays due to the double glazing. I couldn't speak more highly of Twinglaze."

Catherine Ward  NSW
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"I have used Twinglaze twice. On both occasions they have been fantastic. Their product is very good, and does what they claim it does, their service exceptional. Daryl Gillum managed the second job which involved fitting double glazing into existing old windows and doors and into a new custom made door. He has coordinated different suppliers, provided hands on "problem solving" and support and, at all times, has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I can't recommend Daryl and Twinglaze highly enough. I am happy to provide references. Gavin Watkins, Redfern, Sydney"

Gavin Watkins  NSW
Google 5 STAR Reviews

"TwinGlaze retrofitted double glazing to our house in the hills out of Melbourne. The cost was a fraction of the price quoted by others to replace the existing windows and the result was excellent. Quoting measuring and fitting were all done promptly and efficiently. Communication at all times was excellent. Good product, excellent service at a very fair price. Couldn’t be happier."

Harry Shaw  VIC
Make Your Home more Energy Efficient
Install TwinGlaze Retro-Fit Double Glazing
Some Of Our Work
The benefits of Genuine TwinGlaze retro-fit double glazing are being enjoyed by homeowners throughout Australia.

It's the smart and affordable double glazing solution that can be retro-fitted into any existing window style.
Why Retro-Fit TwinGlaze
Double Glazing into your home?
Windows and doors make up a large part of your home so it makes sense to fit Twinglaze Retro-Fit Double Glazing into your existing window frames as we maintain the visual aesthetics and character of your home by retro-fitting our product.
Avoid heat loss in Winter and heat gain in Summer, as well as banish all those unwanted noises.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can we fit TwinGlaze into our existing frames?

YES! TwinGlaze is the only company to fit genuine double glazed units into your existing aluminium or timber frames without the expense of a full window frame replacement.  

Contact TwinGlaze to arrange a Free Window Inspection to determine the suitability of TwinGlaze for your existing frames.
Q. What is TwinGlaze ?

TwinGlaze double glazing is comprised of two pieces of glass that are separated by a thermal gap containing argon gas ... a dense inert gas that has positive thermal benefits.

TwinGlaze Insulated Glass Units are fully sealed to protect your home against outside heat, cold and noise.
Q. Will TwinGlaze reduce outside noise ?

Absolutely! Double glazing your windows with TwinGlaze will significantly reduce your issue with outside noise.

We will replace your un-insulated existing glass with genuine TwinGlaze double glazing and enhance the seals to your opening sashes to boost the total acoustic performance of your windows !
Q. Will TwinGlaze help me Save money on Heating & Cooling ?

YES! Double glazing your windows and doors with TwinGlaze will definitely improve your energy efficiency by substantially reducing heat loss in Winter and heat gain in Summer though your windows.

TwinGlaze will reduce your heating and cooling bills and increase the comfort and value of your home!
Q. What glass is in TwinGlaze ?

TwinGlaze double glazing is 22.38mm thick. The double glazed unit is comprised of a 6.38mm pane of laminated security glass + a 12mm argon gas gap + another pane of 4mm toughened safety glass.

TwinGlaze double glazing increases your home security and thermal performance while reducing condensation and outside noise.
Q. Is double glazing with TwinGlaze cost effective ?

Retro fitting TwinGlaze double glazing is definitely the most cost effective way of getting your home double glazed.

Contact TwinGlaze to arrange a Free Window Inspection & Quote
Installation Process
The quotation process is very simple.

A TwinGlaze consultant will visit to inspect your existing windows and doors and discuss your available options depending on what issues you are trying to resolve.

Our Window Inspection & Quotation service is offered for Free and without obligation.
Installation is carried out by our nationally accredited technicians.

TwinGlaze are a top quality Australian manufacturer producing all Twinglaze units in our modern facilities to ensure all double glazed units satisfy our high quality standards before being delivered and installed.

The process of replacing your old, inefficient glazing is quick, simple and neat with full clean up and disposal of your old glazing included in our complete retrofit service.

Enjoy life long comfort & savings with TwinGlaze !
Save More with TwinGlaze Retro-Fit Double Glazing
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